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Our Services

Supply, installation and commissioning of related CSSD associated equipment for most major manufacturers/brands; mainly (but not limited to) sterilizer and washer disinfector.

Preventive and corrective maintenance, servicing and repair of related equipment in CSSD environment on per job basis or flexible terms and periods via Planned Preventative Maintenance Service Contracts, to suit customers’ needs.


Arrangement and co-ordination work for Department of Occupational Safety & Health (DOSH) / JKKP approval.

Planning and design of CSSD facilities. Among clients that TISB have serviced in this area include Government Hospitals (new and CSSD upgrading) and private hospitals from Kumpulan Perubatan Johor and Pantai Group.

Design and supply of related CSSD associated furniture such as loading/unloading systems, transport trolleys.

Reverse Osmosis (RO) water treatment systems.

Equipment user training and technical training.

Management of warranty maintenance services on appointment basis.

Steam Quality Test for Dryness, Superheat and Non-Condensable Gas following international standard EN285 criteria.

Planned/Preventive Maintenance and Service Contract

The impact of equipment failure can be huge and far- reaching.

Repairing equipment that has not been properly maintained or serviced may require expensive repairs or worse, total replacement of parts, both of which can be costly. But the financial impact goes far beyond replacement parts, labour and operational downtime. Cancelling events as a result of equipment breakdown does not only affect company operations, it also stains your reputation.

Properly maintaining and servicing equipment can help to ensure continual smooth running of your operations, and reduce the occurrence of equipment failure, expensive repairs or total replacements.

At TISB, our Planned/Preventive Maintenance and Service Contract offers a way for healthcare providers to keep their equipment running smoothly and save on unnecessary repair expenses.

Through this contract, our customers know that they can always rely on our dedicated, factory-trained service resource to properly diagnose any potential problems, and ensure the equipment is kept in smooth running order. Planning for scheduled maintenance avoids equipment failure and disruption.


  • Does not affect productivity of equipment
  • Helps prevent unexpected breakdowns
  • Helps avoid costly repairs and new equipment purchases
  • Lengthens product life-cycle and enhances operating efficiency
  • Allows customers to budget service costs
  • Includes basic maintenance tasks
  • Any required repairs are identified and performed on the spot
  • Covers standard repairs (can include labour and parts)
  • Unlimited breakdown calls
  • Flexible terms to suit clients’ needs